Salon de Passage #4


May 24th, 2022

Bratislava, Academy of Arts and Design

One circulation of their sun around their planet and the energy of the “microtripping” cult still ran in their veins.

So we took our humans a few kilometers down that river Danube to the neighbouring country. 

So close are these two cities, Vienna and Bratislava, and on the same river, but so different are they!

If the idea of the “microtrip” is to move only a few metric units (that are very relative if not irrelevant to us) but still get to experience another world – this trip was a perfect example.

We moved through the old town, amazed by the beauty, a little like tourists. But then, crossing the bridge to the banks of the river, we really could commune with the slightly different plant population there. Are they a bit wilder there, or was it just our mood on that day?

Then we held a Salon with many invisible guests. We all celebrated the slow, profound pathos of a slide show of the first photo session from the Wienfluss with life music by Werner Möbius. It was like a cosmic opera.